“La personne que je fut et celle que je suis c’est comme le jour et la nuit.”

Un rêve sans objectif est un simple rêve. Il faut du courage et de la perseverance pour realiser les rêves les plus fous. Aujourd'hui, l'histoire de Jean Luc Nday un jeune qui se bat d'arrache pied pour faire partager sa vision du Congo meilleur avec les jeunes de sa génération. "S'inspirer de ceux qui ont [...]

How do you train your mind to think “POSITIVE?”

I have previously talked about how your language is a powerful tool in your everyday life. Mind your language, Use more BE and less HAVE.  I only have one word for you LANGUAGE. Today, train your mind to think positively. There is a Bible verse that says: "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me." [...]

If you have never fail, you have never try something new.

Failure is a part of our everyday life. I have once read , "If you have never fail, you have never try something new." Failing to do something or accomplish that project, is a sign that you are trying and that way of doing it is not working.  Many give up when they have failed once [...]

My second Liebster Award

My Christmas gift has come earlier this year, for the second time in the year I got nominated again!!!!!  Thank you Elisgraci for the nomination. If you are passionate about food, gardening, photography and poetry follow her blog for great inspiration. Thanks again for being inspired by my blog. I still cannot believe how much people can [...]


We have all experienced a stage in our lives where it seemed like the world was against us, where people around us did not understand our choices and the path we took. However, deep inside we knew that was the way to go in order to move forward and grow. Can you  relate to that? [...]