Money mistakes people make in their late 20s: Part 2

The way you treat money during your 20s can have a significant impact on your future. By now you have probably read Money mistakes people make in their late 20s: Part 1 Here is the second part of common money mistakes people make in their late 20s Money mistakes people make in their late 20s [...]

The Great Little Book of Prince Albert Microadventures

Most of the time people see adventures like something huge, somewhere far, with no electricity or jump off a plane etc. Yes those are adventures but an adventure is also going to a place in your city you have never been, it's also trying out new dishes and cuisines, it's also running a mini marathon [...]

Skin Functional: Review

Most of the times people buy skin care products because they worked well for others or it is the current trend to have them or are because it's the most expensive so must definitely work well or it's the cheapest they can afford. We have all sort of reasons why we purchased the products we [...]

Money mistakes people make in their late 20s: Part 1

Being in your 20s is often an exciting time filled with series of life changing events. During this time you will make important financial decisions that can have a great impact in your future. During this period many fall into financial trap that can have consequences for years to come. With so much going on [...]

How to manifest what you want

It's possible to do anything you set your mind to. Every idea, every project, every dream you have are possible. Most of the wildest, craziest, most amazing innovations we have in the world were once wildest dream, maybe even too unrealistic by the time the dreamer dreamed about it. Most of the time people get [...]

10 Steps to stimulate your personal growth

Being the best version of yourself isn't something you are just once. As each stage of your life requires a better version of you, being yourself will forever be an ongoing process because you know what, there is always room for improvement. You have amazing hidden talents and abilities that will keep on unveiling themselves [...]