I can do it for free.

"I seem happy doing what I am doing but deep inside I am dying slowly and no one sees it. I want to do something that makes me happy, which add a positive value to my life, which will bring pure joy to my heart. And with or without a reward I can still enjoy [...]

Give me a break.

"Give me a break from work, school, all my obligations, everything that I can think of. please give me a break. " A break gives you time to think about your life and reconsider what you are doing. A break help you determine if you are on track or you are wasting your time on [...]

My blessing but sometimes a curse.

I am an emphatic listener. When I listen, I really do listen to you with all my heart, I make you feel as if you are talking to the one and only person who knows you from inside out. It is a blessing because there are people who come to me with a broken heart [...]

Sunshine Blogger award #5

Hello Selflovies, Thank you Annie  for recognizing me. Visit her blog she is doing amazing stuff. She will inspire you to read more and challenge yourself. At such a young age her determination inspires me. Follow her blog. Below are the questions I have been asked by the sweet Annie. How do you decided to [...]

Your own image.

How do you see yourself in 5, 10, 20 years from now? Visualize in reach details what you are planning to do with your life, expand your mind, there is no boxes to limit you. "Everything are created twice, first in your mind then physically. Plan for decades, think in years, work in months and [...]

“La personne que je fut et celle que je suis c’est comme le jour et la nuit.”

Un rêve sans objectif est un simple rêve. Il faut du courage et de la perseverance pour realiser les rêves les plus fous. Aujourd'hui, l'histoire de Jean Luc Nday un jeune qui se bat d'arrache pied pour faire partager sa vision du Congo meilleur avec les jeunes de sa génération. "S'inspirer de ceux qui ont [...]