Black Business owners to look out for today: part 3

The more I browse the internet the more I find amazing people doing amazing things and it is worth sharing. If you haven't read She Means Business: women’s day crush, Black Business owners to look out for Toda and Black Business owners to look out for today: part 2 I strongly recommend to have a look and find [...]

10 Best posts of the year

2019 is a year to remember, it has taught me a lot about myself. Being Yourself Blog would have not been the same without the unconditional support from each and everyone of you. Her is a compilation of the best posts you read and shared the most. 10 Best posts of the year on Being [...]

There is no better time to be a woman in business than now

Women have long been put aside in many domains: they had to fight for the right to vote, fight for equal paycheck, fight to get in higher position in the corporate world and to occupy higher posts in government. Woman have come a long way. Today we can only agree that there is no better [...]