DIY with old tires

DIY has always been part of my life, growing up, I saw my mum doing all sort of projects and I used to loved watching her do her things and ask myself why does she love doing things herself instead of buying them or make someone else do that?

Fast forward, when I moved out of the house, I found myself doing more and more DIY projects, not because I could not afford them, not because I was bored but because doing DIY was fascinating, relaxing and made me happy every time I completed a project. I have decided to create a DIY page where I shared everything I do and get inspired from other people (Timeless Homes)

Coffee table and pouf using old tires

For the coffee table I used:

1 old tire

20 meters of rope

Hot glue

Cardboard ( cut the same size of the tire for a plain surface on the coffee table

For the pouf I used:

1 tire

10 meters of rope

Hot glue

Foam (to fill the tire)

Foam to make a huge pillow to rest my back

I uploaded a complete video on the step by step process on my Instagram page Timeless Homes (click here to have a look)

Till next DIY project

Be Yourself

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