How to overcome seasonal depression

Have you ever had a seasonal depression? It's more common than we might think. Seasonal depression often coincide with the shift of seasons when hormones and moods are up and down. It also refers to a mild depression happening at specific moment period in your life. This might be the anniversary of a traumatic event, [...]

Feel good activities to Try while social distancing

Doing feel good activities can really improve your mood, make you feel good about yourself and even boost your confidence. The current state of the world has made it hard to have our usual fun activities, mostly outdoors activities which involve gathering with people, going to the movies, concerts, theme park, beaches etc. However this [...]

The bright and dark side of Loving Yourself

Self love is a practice. It's a practice of choosing yourself, putting yourself first, making yourself important, being kind and compassionate to yourself. It's also choosing people, things, situations that are right and good for you. However like everything else there are bright and dark side of loving yourself The bright and dark side of [...]

Traveling during a Pandemic: Travel diary

Let's start by agreeing and say traveling locally during this pandemic was hard but traveling outside the country during this pandemic was even harder and stressful. To travel outside the country the most important document to have is a negative Covid19 test and filling at least two other documents for tracking purposes just in case. [...]

Lethabo Joy Estate: Romantic picnic spots

If you are a picnic lover you know how important it is to have beautiful scenery and change spots whenever you are celebrating special occasions but still want to have a picnic feel. I might have discovered something that you will love I visited the beautiful Lethabo Joy Estate less than a hour drive outside [...]