Les femmes Congolaises qui gagnent: Q&A avec Olga Hamici

Aujourd'hui dans notre rubrique les femmes Congolaises qui gagnent, une femme au grand coeur qui a fais de la nutrition sa passion. Elle prone le bien être au travers de la nourriture. Quand on dit bien manger c'est le début du bonheur et bien j'ai pu m'en rendre compte à travers son histoire et son [...]

Signs that you are sabotaging yourself

Self sabotage is undermining your own ability to achieve your goals. Self sabotage is also trying your best not to reach your goals. Those behaviors can be conscious or unconscious depending on how aware you are of them. There are endless ways we all fall into self sabotage. Here are some signs that you are [...]

How to maintain strong friendship as adults

As we get older making friends get harder and harder because we have less energy, less time and fewer opportunities. Having friends is important and they contribute largely to our happiness, friends can encourage you to dream big and become who you want to be. True friendship in adulthood can be much harder to make [...]

Les femmes Congolaises qui gagnent: Soraya Odia

Aujourd'hui dans notre rubrique, une jeune femme passionné de litterature, elle en a fais sa marque de fabrique. Quand on parle d'elle, on a envie de lire et découvrir encore plus sur la litterature Africaine. A travers elle, bon nombre se sont mis a la lecture et elle continue a inspirer plus d'un a découvrir [...]

Money mistakes people make in their late 20s: Part 2

The way you treat money during your 20s can have a significant impact on your future. By now you have probably read Money mistakes people make in their late 20s: Part 1 Here is the second part of common money mistakes people make in their late 20s Money mistakes people make in their late 20s [...]

The Great Little Book of Prince Albert Microadventures

Most of the time people see adventures like something huge, somewhere far, with no electricity or jump off a plane etc. Yes those are adventures but an adventure is also going to a place in your city you have never been, it's also trying out new dishes and cuisines, it's also running a mini marathon [...]