The legendary Beats Maker DJ Khalisto

Today, I would like to share with you an amazing story, an inspirational story about following your dreams no matter what others might think. In most black Africans home, making music is seen more like a hobby. People believe you will outgrow it and eventually find something else to do. Music is more than just [...]

7+ places to eat in Lubumbashi

With no doubts Lubumbashi has become a cosmopolitan city. You will find almost everything you're looking for. The city is forever changing, people are trying their best to make their environment as enjoyable as possible. From traditional "Malewa" to fancy restaurants, you will surely find your happiness. Today I am mostly focusing on places to [...]

10 reasons why people don’t listen to your advice

Have you ever spent your time giving advice to someone and they end up not doing what you suggested? The most frustrating thing is pouring your heart into advising someone while they have already made up their mind. People used to complain that whenever they give me advice I always ended up doing the total [...]

Christmas Love box 2021

Christmas may mean nothing for some or a lot to others. It's the time of giving gifts, receiving gifts, togetherness or alone time. Everyone has a particular way to celebrate Christmas. For me, Christmas is one of the most if not THE MOST important period of the year. It's all about spreading love, kindness and [...]

How to start living intentionally: 7+ Ways

Living an intentional life doesn't mean living a perfect life but it is living a purposefully life. It is finding the courage to let go off things that make you feel alive. Living intentionally is about knowing what you can and cannot control and taking responsibility for your life and happiness. Living intentionally also means [...]

9 Signs of toxic positivity

Toxic positivity is the excessive and ineffective practice of looking at the bright side in all situations. Forcing yourself to turn off your emotions in the pursuit of staying optimistic and happy is a sign of toxic positivity. Toxic positivity results in the denial, minimization and invalidation of the authentic emotional experience. Although optimism is [...]