The importance of controlled actions

You are free to choose your actions. You are free to be good or bad to people, free to eat junk foods every single day, free to spend your entire day doing nothing or free to burn your money for fun. You are free to choose your actions. The consequences, of being bad or good to people, of eating junk food everyday, of spending your day doing nothing, are NOT in your control. You cannot choose the consequences of your actions.

You can control your actions, you decide what when to wake up, do the things you are supposed to do or put it aside to do it later. But the consequences of your actions are not in your control. However, in your life, good actions have better consequences and bad actions bad consequences. As an individual the choice is yours while always bearing in mind that all actions have consequences and one has no power over the consequences of one’s actions.

The tricky part is, you can do good to people but you cannot predict how they will react to your actions. Some people will be grateful for what you have done, others might think it is not enough and want more or even worse others might feel offended and insulted by your actions. YOU CAN CONTROL YOUR ACTIONS BUT NOT OTHERS PEOPLES’ RESPONSE TO THAT.

Remember, everyone is different. Control what you can as the consequences of your actions cannot be controlled. “Choose your actions wisely.”

Are you being yourself?

Till next Sunday

Be yourself

6 thoughts on “The importance of controlled actions

  1. 100% , It is therefore crucial to be gentle with ourselves for choosing the right action despite the unexpected consequences . Choosing to letting go of the outcome and realize that things will happen the way they’re designed to happen and because we don’t control the consequences there’s no need to beat ourselves up about it .Furthermore, Focusing only on what we can control and letting go of the rest . The choice to see the blessing or lesson in each experience and also thinking of what triggers us and why and going deeper into our feelings and face them in order to move on . However, it is always key to stretch our comfort zone and see what we are truly capable of which implies surrendering and that scary place of the risky unknown . Thank you for this post 🙂 It provided me with amazing food for thought on what we tolerate on a daily basis and spend our energy on!

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